Sin Hablar (English Translation)

Come, let me love you, without words
Without saying I love you
Come, Let's talk, Why not?
It'll be kike a game

Let's talk with our eyes, with our kisses
Let's speak with the language of of silence

Without words, our lips will touch.
Without words, our hands will find.
Without words,our shadows,loving each other,
will be lost in the night.
Without words, our looks will tell
Without words, our caresses will be heard.
Without words. like children playing the forbidden game
Without words

Come, let me love you again
Without saying I love you
Come, once more...
because I left desire on your skin

Let's speak with our mind, with our soul.
Let's speak the language of silence.


Without words
(la-la-la-, la-la-la, la-la-la)