About DJ Pulse:
   My name is Mohamed, from Cairo.
   My passion for "Branigan" started
   in 1984 when I heard "Self Control"
   & then began collecting her stuff.
   I work in the field of multimedia
   & Graphic Design, so you can see
   this site is my design.
   Also i like mixing a lot, that's why
   I called myself DJ PULSE.
   And because of my true love for
   LAURA, i made some attempts to
   remix some of her most beautiful
   I would love to thank all the fans
   who shared my work and loved it.
   Note: My remixes are not intended for
            commercial purposes,not for sale,
            but for fans to join this pleasure
            with me!   
    e-mail me
(c) Copyright 1997- 2002 DJ PULSE