Laura Branigan was born on the
   3rd of July 1957 in Brewster, NY.
   She spent her childhood in
   Brewster, which is in upstate
   New York near the Connecticut
   border, some 70 miles North
   East of New York City.
   Laura was a former backing vocalist
Leonard Cohen in the late 70s.
   By 1977, Laura had determination
   to become a solo artist which later
   led Laura to become one of the
   biggest female pop artists of the
   Laura's first big appearance was
   "Gloria" which became a huge #1 hit,
   which was followed by major smash hits
   such as "Self Control", "Solitaire",
   "The lucky One", "Ti Amo", "The Power
   Of Love", "Never In A Million Years",
   "Did'nt We Almost Win It All" and this
   years comeback "The Winner Takes it All".
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