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Jpilot jIRC applet only supports Netscape4.0, IE4.0 or above.
Please grant the permission when the pop-up window from Netscape or IE appears.
Click Here to learn how to use mIRC to connect to IRC. This will allow you to
join other channels, transfer files & create channels etc...

Note: To Chat privately with a user, simply double-click on their nickname.


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Now, how to use mIRC to connect to IRC Chat?
1) Download mIRC from
a) It is a small program (only around 1MB)
b) It takes very little system resources to run
2) Install mIRC & then run the program
3) Go to File/Options/Connect & from there...
a) Enter a nickname & an alternate
b) Select the nearest 'Undernet' server eg. Undernet: US, CA, San Diego
c) Click on 'Connect to IRC Server' (if you can't connect, try another
server, I think it does this automatically anyhow)
d) Type '/join #laurabranigan' (without the quotes) into the text-input area,
this is the bar at the bottom of the screen where you'd normally type
text into when you chat.
4) You should now be in the room & able to chat.
5) Consult or just contact us for more help with IRC if needed...